About Us

Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran. All of these faith based religious denominations are very much alike yet there are some differences that you will notice. Many of these differences are slight but you will be aware of them because they are present in the many worship services that occur each week. Sunday mornings are when most Christian worship services are conducted and this is the time when thousands of members and guests will attend a Presbyterian Church service. Although these services are conducted much like those in any Protestant church there are some special features that can be noted in a Presbyterian congregation.

The order of the service for members of the Presbyterian faith is something that will be duly determined by a combination of factors. Services are outlined by the minister, the particular session that is involved and will even be based on input and suggestions relayed from the governing board of the Presbyterian organization.

Tradition is very strong in a religious denomination and it has an important place in the worship services. Almost any Presbyterian Church service will always be composed of musical worship, scriptural readings, prayers and a special sermon. You will also witness the Sacraments being shared. These church services have special moments for tithes and offerings to be collected from the church members and if there are any concerns or issues involving the church family or local community then this too may be discussed during the worship service.