Presbyterian Worship Service – Order Revealed

If you are considering attending a Presbyterian church, you will probably wonder what to expect from the service. In some ways, the services will contain the same elements of any other church service, but there will be a few differences that have more to do with the order in which the service takes place. All church services start out with a simple opening prayer. Presbyterian Worship services start out with the pastor leading the congregation and then delivering any simple messages about upcoming events or community announcements. The exact nature of this part of the service may vary from congregation to congregation.

Anyone who has been to a church realizes that most Christian denominations include a song or two after the prayer. The official site for the Presbyterian Church in the United States says that praise give the congregation an opportunity to unite in common prayer. Most religions have the preacher launch into a sermon after the second hymn. Presbyterian Worship services differ slightly from this pattern. A scripture is read and a small amount of time is turned over to the congregation so that they can share the workings of God in their current life. When this period ends, the person leading the congregation performs sacraments. These sacraments can be the Lord’s Supper, or communion, or the sacrament of baptism.

Presbyterian preachers, like the other members of their profession, then expound on the topic and try go give general spiritual guidance to all members of the church under his pastoral care. Parishioners can ask for specific guidance or counseling by making an appointment with the minister or pastor later.

During the final part of the service, the time gets turned over to the congregation again so they can bring up concerns about their attempts at conducting their own ministry in the midst of a sinful world, according to the Presbyterian 101 web site. Most Presbyterian worship services, like other churches, conclude with a closing prayer. Some churches may offer a small gathering where refreshments are served after the service. Nearly every community has a Presbyterian Church within the town borders, but if you cannot find one, the phone book can help you locate the nearest Presbyterian congregation.